The UBI·Q·ONE Print Management suite of solutions share the same unique features giving the customers unprecedented reliability and benefits with the unique UBI·Q·ONE Driver, one print queue and extreme simple administration. Read more below.UbiQone_Final.png

UBI·Q·ONE – Enterprise customer
UBI·Q·ONE solution is built for the highest level of security, performance, stability, scalability and availability. By placing the solution on Linux and your preferred Intel, IBM Power or IBM System Z, cloud or onsite, you obtain limitless scalability, performance and availability. The advanced combination of Linux CUPS printing and Ubiquitech technology enables the unique UBI·Q·ONE Driver technology. Compliance to for instance GDPR is a natural part of the solution.

Ubiquitech UBI·Q·ONE is certified by Red Hat


UBI·Q·Direct is an add-on to the secure Ubiquitech Print Management cloud solution, where print-jobs never leave the local LAN. A natural choice in a cloud environment, where network capacity is limited and security dictates that print-jobs should stay locally.

Features & functions


Ubiquitech UBI·Q·Direct cloud solution is a full and true secure Print Management solution with same features and functions as UBI·Q·ONE or Ubiquitech VDMS. Security and traceability are first priority to ensure compliance for instance to GDPR. Performance will always be good as print-jobs stay on the local network (LAN) and only metadata (data for traceability, accounting and business intelligence) goes to the cloud.

The UBI·Q·Direct has the flexibility of a public cloud solution, i.e. hosted, shares infrastructure and scales on demand, but it has the security of a private cloud as connection is controlled through a private network (VPN).

The solution is prepared for several cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure.



VDMS – Small, Medium and Large customer
VDMS is an Windows server-based full-featured secure Print Management solution - cloud or onsite - for all business customers – providing a highly scalable cluster-enabled solution. A natural platform for full compliance for all rule and regulations like GDPR.

Public Printing
Ubiquitech Public Printing is a solution where public and private companies make printers available for public printing, copying and scanning.

Features & functions

Public Printing is an add-on to VDMS, UBI·Q·ONE or UBI·Q·Direct.

Payment solution
Built-in webshop for payment. Buy credits to pay for print, copy and maybe fax. The users can access the payment system directly and pay with credit card, payment card, PayPal etc. This should be integrated with a financial service in your country. We provide the integration in cooperation with  Ogone and DIBS.

Typically used by universities, hotels, public libraries and schools.

Google Cloud Print
Ubiquitech integrates with and makes Google Cloud Print a secure part of the Print Management solution. This free service integrates all Google Cloud Print supported mobile devices (

Ubiquitech Mobility Printing – add-on to all solutions
Mobility Printing is a mobile printing option that allows users to print from any portable or mobile device in addition to publicly available computers. Your print job stays within the Ubiquitech secure print management solution –until you release the job on your printer of choice. Mobility Printing is a fully integrated option for the Ubiquitech Print Management solutions.

Features & functions

Mobility Printing 
With Ubiquitech Mobility Printing you can offer the users

• Printing, simply by sending an e-mail

• Printing from APP on iOS, Android or Windows phone

• Download driver for portable or public PCs

• Web upload for BYOD

• Integrate to Ubiquitech Public Print Solution to offer paid mobile printing